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MyShed is built by a shed builder so we understand your needs.

We understand the dynamics of the Shed Industry and the Builders that serve it.  From traditions, to operating & construction methods, to sales channels and shed styles – this industry is truly unique. It’s what drives us.  And it’s what drives you.  So why not manage it your way, a better way?  MyShed provides Shed Companies just like yours with software that is designed to help you grow, and become more profitable.

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Why We Started

We saw a need in the shed industry for an inclusive resource that helps business owners manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Material costs are always changing. How does this affect your bottom line? You could be selling your business short or losing sales to competitors that have a better eye on their overhead.

With MyShed, your Shed Operation can track on-hand materials to measure available bandwidth to help keep pace with demand. Better yet, this same functionality allows you to manage material costs to steady profit margins even as costs for supplies go up and down over time.

MyShed helps Shed Builders just like you run better businesses by providing these tools in one easy-to-use application that grows right along with your Shed Operation. Take your business to the next level with the most comprehensive and affordable application designed specifically for the Shed Industry.

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